Board member responds about shelter access

County working to develop contract with Second Chance for Pets

Gordon Woods

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CLINTON — Contrary to claims he said were made on a local Facebook page, county board member Lance Reece said Second Chance for Pets has not been locked out of the animal shelter.

During the March 21 county board meeting, Reece, who is chairman of the county’s public safety committee, said he felt compelled to respond to a claim made on a local Facebook page.

“I would not ordinarily do this,” Reece said.  “But, it’s sort of gotten blown out of proportion.”

Reece said people on social media were reporting that the county had locked Second Chance out of the animal shelter.  

“That’s not true,” he told other county board members.

Reece said while Second Chance volunteers did not currently have free access to the shelter, county animal shelter personnel still were working with the pet adoption group.  He also said the county has been working for about a year to develop a contract with Second Chance.

He said the only privilege Second Chance did not currently have was access to the shelter during non-business hours.

Reece said an incident, which he declined to describe, involving Second Chance led to the restriction.

Board member Nate Ennis said it was his Facebook post that prompted Reece’s response, and he pressed Reece to describe the incident.

Reece said he would not talk about it while the county and Second Chance were in contract talks.

“We’re trying to work out an agreement where they may be able to come into the facility unescorted,” Reece said.

He said, and county board chairman David Newberg confirmed, that no county-owned facility would be open to outside organizations without a contract and that it was standard county practice.  State’s attorney Dan Markwell also agreed this was the case.

“They are not locked out,” Reece said.  “They are certainly welcome any time the shelter is open.”


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