Chickens now officially legal within city limits

CLINTON — Clinton now has an official ordinance regulating livestock within the city limits.  The city council voted Monday to amend Title 5, Chapter 1 Police Regulations / animals, a vote that likely will please some residents while displeasing others.

The ordinance will allow the raising of poultry and ban certain types of “non-domesticated animals.”

Clinton resident Sharon Redington spoke against the ordinance.  She owns pasture within the city limits, where her family raises chickens but also has raised rabbits, sheep and goats, “since before I was born,” she told commissioners.

“And, we’ve never had any trouble with noise or smell or anything else,” Redington said.  “And, that’s all we want to continue to do.”

Chief of Police Ben Lowers said he was the sponsor of the amendment.  Lowers said he worked with city attorney John Hoblit to develop the ordinance.

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