Chief Lowers: Phony $100 bills appears to be local case

CLINTON — Clinton Police Department reports multiple appearances of counterfeit $100 bills recently showing up at local businesses.

The bills at first seem to be genuine, but they appear to use the same serial number.  The texture of the bill also is not consistent with genuine U.S. currency.

Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers told the Journal his department had received two complaints from business that accepted the phony bills.

“And, we have had 5-6 turned in by the parent of a juvenile, who found their child to be in possession of them,” Lowers reported.

He said he has received multiple tips about who the bills have circulated among.

“It appears these are something purchased via the internet and not manufactured/printed/counterfeited locally,” Lowers said.

As with all counterfeit currency cases, he said, the bills will be turned over to the U.S. Secret Service, in Springfield.  Clinton Police continue to investigate locally.  Lowers said, in many cases, suspects passing the phony money are just passing through town, so they are difficult to identify.  But, this seems to be a local case.

Clinton Police are advising business to pay close attention to any $100 bills they receive.

Anyone with information connected to this crime may call the Clinton Police Department at (217) 935-9441 or Crime Stoppers at (217) 935-3333.


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