CHS artwork looking to go home

Gordon Woods / Journal — Shown is one of the artworks of former CHS students looking to be returned to their owners. See more on page A2 of the Journal print and E-Edition. More of the art will appear also in the Dec. 2 Clinton Journal.

CLINTON — A dozen pieces of impressive framed artwork have donned the walls of the Clinton Unit School District administrative office over the past few decades and now that artwork is looking to be returned to its artist or their family.

Twelve pieces of award-winning artwork by Clinton High School students have been delivered to the Clinton Journal office with the hope that the artist or his/her family could be found and the artwork returned.

The artwork includes:

“Still Life,” by Harold Chapman 1985

“Lady,” by Janet Cook, 1986

“The Iris,” by Mandee Bruce, 1987

“Wagon,” by Tami Allen, 1988

“Girl by Pond,” by Jennifer Griggs, 1990

“On the Square,” by Christian Barillas, 1991

“Garden Flowers,” by Jeff Wrage, 1992

“Ducks,” by Susanna Laaksonen, 1993

Latham Cemetery by Lily Walsh, 2002

“Wheel Barrow,” by Amanda Hiter, 2003

“Coffee Cup,” by Evan Gruber, undated

“Railcar” by an unknown artist, undated

“I am happy to see that we have the ability, with our media partner, to make such an overture to the community to find homes for these pieces of art, especially if it winds up back in the hands of the actual artist.,” said Clinton superintendent Curt Nettles.

Anyone who knows any of the artists should reach out to them and share this story. The Journal would like to return each of the pieces to its artist or the artist’s family. The Journal office may be contacted at 217-935-3171 and is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Wednesdays and weekends.

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