City council gets a double-barrel of residents’questions

CLINTON — The city council faced fire from both barrels Monday as two residents questioned some city practices.

During the council’s regular meeting, now held on Tuesday nights, resident Robert Kreitler criticized a shed erected by the hospital.  Kreitler lives in the vicinity of the hospital, which is city-owned.

He said maintenance workers built the shed over a weekend, but a building permit was not issued for the structure. 

“This thing looks like a deck that somebody just put some sides on,” Kreitler said. 

Kreitler produced photos for the council he said showed four extension cords going into the shed for power.

“Who on Earth thought that was going to be a safe idea to run on a building,” Kreitler asked.  “Especially on a hospital-owned building the taxpayers are responsible for.”

Kreitler also asked if the city was required to solicit bids for those types of projects, use certified workers and comply with requirements, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

In response to the building permit, commissioner Tom Edmunds said, since it was a hospital project on city property, a building permit wasn’t necessary.

“The city doesn’t issue building permits to itself,” Edmunds said.

See the complete story in the Friday, May 20 print edition of the Clinton Journal or now in the Journal E-Edition for subscribers.


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