CJHS Maroons win quadrangular at home

Marc Rogers / Journal

CLINTON — On a balmy winter Tuesday evening, 61 degrees, when the wrestling matches were to start for Clinton Junior High School, mother nature had different ideas and local tornado sirens begin to blast.

The gymnasium was cleared, and a second warning followed close behind.  Finally, after about a half-hour delay, the wrestling got under way, and the fans cheered them on. 

There were four teams competing on this night; the Clinton Maroons (hosts); the Rochester Rockets; the Springfield St. Agnes Saints; and the Westville Wildcats. 

The initial match was between the Wildcats and the Rockets.  There was some good wrestling in this round, but in the end Rochester was too much for Westville.  The Rockets took the win 65-33. 

In the next round, the Wildcats were paired against the Saints, and as luck, or some other power, would have it, the Saints got their only win of the evening taking down the Wildcats 54-23. 

Round #3 saw the home team Maroons on the mats for the first time against the Wildcats, and the Maroons were ready.

Although the home team took some losses on the night, basically they were wrestling maniacs.  Clinton won this round 90-14. 

Round #4 was between the other powerhouse of the evening, Rochester and St. Agnes. 

The match was not scored, but the St. Agnes coaches said they felt they had been beaten pretty severely. 

The 5th round had the Maroons facing the Saints.The home team had no problem in this, their second match of the night, winning 86-15.  This set up the 6th and final match between the two unbeaten teams, the Maroons and the Rockets. 

From the way the teams handled the others during the competition, it was appearing to be a tough finish for either team.  But after the dust cleared and the mats were rolling up for storage, the score showed Clinton on top 63-24 over the Rockets. 

The final standings were; #1 Clinton 4-0; #2 Rochester 3-1; #3 Westville 1-3; and #4 St. Agnes 0-4. 

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