CJHS September Star Students

Drew Goebel

CJHS principal

6th Grade

• An example of a wonderful star student is Ellie Young!  Ellie is always prepared for class and on time.  She is very respectful to her teachers and other students, and is always willing to help others without being asked to do so!  She is a very caring individual and we are proud of Ellie!

• Jacob Strange is an exemplary example of what a star student represents.  He has demonstrated positive decision making skills, personal interactions, and work ethic.  When surrounded by peers who are making poor choices, he offers insightful advice and leads by example.  He continues to prove himself trustworthy to his teachers and peers.  Continue to rock it, Jacob!

• Avery Chitwood has been selected as one of the September Star Students.  Avery is a hardworking student and a positive role model. Avery is a student that comes to class each day ready to learn and do her best. She participates in class, always has assignments turned in on time, and communicates with her teachers about absences.  Avery is kind to her classmates and teachers and is willing to help everyone.

7th Grade

• Makenzie Schaffner is a wonderful student to have in class.  She is always on task, prepared, and treats her peers and teachers with respect.  Makenzie is such a hard worker and always wants to do her best.  You can always catch her as being one of the first to lend a helping hand.  Keep up the great work!

• Gracie Troyer’s year is off to a great start!  She comes to class each day prepared and with a smile on her face.  Her dedication and hard work are evident inside and outside the classroom with the quality of work completed and extra curriculars she is involved in.  Way to go, Gracie!

• Brett Young has proven to be a Star Student since the beginning of the year.  He does an outstanding job of participating, being prepared, and wanting to learn.  Brett is more than willing to work with any of his peers and help them out.  If he keeps this up, he can expect nothing but success this year!

8th Grade

• Grace Dempsey exemplifies many qualities that make her a star student.  She is responsible, respectful,  and a high achiever.  What sets her apart from many others is her positivity and kindness.  Grace is a fun kid who goes out of her way to make others feel welcome.  She is a great role model for our students and the kind of kid teachers love to have in class.  Keep up the good work Grace, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

• Luis Mendoza  is an example of a true star student! Each day he comes into class with a smile, prepared to learn and help others. Luis’ hard work has paid off tremendously. Keep up the good work Luis!


• Emma Culbertson is a positive role model here at CJHS. She has made incredible strides making friends after just moving in this year.  She is polite and responsible and is a pleasure to have in class.  Emma has solid work ethic and takes responsibility for her education.  She is also a positive force in her extra-curricular activities.  Keep it up, Emma!

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