Clinton girls over LeRoy 8-6

CLINTON — Yes, softball is alive and well among the summer baseball leagues.  

The local YMCA sponsors the girls softball league. 

Any games are a little difficult to find this spring with the early chill warming into stifling heat.  And then there is the rain to wet things down.  

On this evening, the Clinton Warner Hospital and Health Services team was playing the LeRoy Amber Owens Realty team.  Of course there are always new rules to learn, and this evening was no different.  

The sides changed when a team reached three outs or when it scored 4 runs, and of course, the obligatory 1-hour 15-minute  time limit.  

 The game began with a dominant run by Clinton scoring four runs in each of the first two innings to take an eight run lead.  The third inning saw LeRoy bounce back with 4 runs while holding Clinton scoreless.  

The fourth inning saw a tight defense by both teams with no runs scored.  In the top of the  fifth, LeRoy made a run for a tie or the win, but fell short by two runs, giving Clinton the 8-6 win. 


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