County doesn’t need inexperienced, one-issue candidates

The election coming up is not only important on a national level but also right here in DeWitt County. 

The race for the county board seats will have an enormous impact on us more quickly than any other race in the country. Actions of the county board from taxes, to public safety and county infrastructure are immediate.

A vote taken on a Thursday night about an issue can be effective Friday morning! Because of this, it is important to maintain experience on the board.

If the incumbents lose in this election, more than half the board will be composed of members who have fewer than two years of experience, with none of those having been chairs of any committee. We don’t have the luxury of waiting for these folks to get up to speed and be ready for the challenges facing this county.

It is also alarming that those who are challenging the incumbents are one-issue candidates on an issue which, without a legal battle, will cost the county money it doesn’t have and cannot be reversed.

With so much at stake, we need to elect those who have a working knowledge of how the county operates, those who are concerned about its financial stability and those who have the ability to leave politics out of their decisions.

The incumbents have kept the county on a positive course, and it should stay on that course!

Please vote for the following candidates:


   Dave Newberg

   Jay Wickenhauser

   Scott Nimmo


   Lance Reece

   Camille Redman

Thank you for voting for a positive, experienced group of DeWitt County leaders.

Dennis Rich



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