County gets updates on wind bill

CLINTON — A bill in the Illinois General Assembly that includes provisions for athletics training,  Assembly ethics and Telehealth also includes new regulations for wind and solar energy projects.  The legislation could result in lawsuits from several counties.

For some counties, House Bill 4412, if approved, could relax some wind regulations implemented by those counties.  In some cases, counties currently have more restrictive regulations governing wind and solar energy projects and fear loss of local control over project site approvals.

DeWitt County resident Betsy Shifflet addressed the county’s land use committee Monday to remind them about the bill and to ask board members’ help in stopping its passage.

“If you saw the title of the bill, you might not guess it has anything to do with what we’re talking about,” Shifflet said.  She said it was difficult for residents to understand and claimed even some legislators didn’t understand it.

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