County moves on gas dock repairs

CLINTON — During recent action, the DeWitt County Board voted to have a new manifold system installed on the gas dock at Clinton Lake marina.

The work is essentially to prevent the docks from sinking, marina committee chairman Randy Perry confirmed for board chairman David Newberg.

“Everybody’s aware how many times we’ve refloated the docks out there,” Perring said.  “Hopefully, this is the final project and we’ll be able to air those floats up …from above.”

This would enable the county to air the floats without hiring divers, significant reducing the cost of maintaining the floats.

“Hopefully, we’ll save a lot of money by doing this,” Perring said.

The county also is asking the contractor, Alpha Divers, to provide a guarantee of workmanship on the projects before final payment.  Work also is scheduled for the galley dock.

The board approved a cost of $3,360 for the work.

Additional items

The board approved during that meeting the salary and expenses of the county engineer, the termination of Tamara McFeeters as animal control administrator and the appointment of Melanie Kinney as interim animal control administrator.

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