County receives annual landfill report from GFL

Leachate currently transported off-site to Peoria facility

CLINTON — The county board’s land use committee this week received the annual landfill report.

Dave Bryant, with GFL Environmental, on Monday, gave committee members a survey of activity at Clinton Landfill.  The annual briefing is required under GFL’s host agreement with the county.

“We get inspected quarterly and have had no fees due to any issues,” Bryant said. 

One of the topics Bryant touched on was “leachate.”  Leachate is precipitation that drains though the landfill and is collected for disposal.

“In the past, we would recirculate a lot of leachate at the facility, solidify some of it in that white building you see when you pass by,” Bryant said. 

He said Clinton Landfill also solidified some third-party waste as well.

“We’ve ceased doing that at that location,” Bryant said.  “We don’t do it at all anymore at the Clinton Landfill.  GFL is not a fan of solidification nor recirculation.”

Now, leachate is transported off-site from Clinton, Bryant said.

“It’s more expensive on the front end, but I think for the long-term stability of the facility, to keep it as dry as you can is probably the best way to go,” he said.

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