Culinary favorites

Welcome to my little corner of culinary delights.

I am often asked what my favorite food or dish is.  To me, culinary pleasure entails much not allowing for a simple answer.  my answer is in three parts.  First will be the answer that I can accept as expressing my true feelings.  The second will answer what is generally understood.  The last part is to explain in what manner must be taken for me to enjoy any food.

My favorite food is that in which I have not yet discovered.  The whole adventure in culinary is to discover.  The whole essence in enjoying cuisine is to enjoy new adventures never experienced.  I favor discovering foods I had never tried.  As a result, the next food discovered becomes my favorite for that moment.

If I am therefore cornered to state which is my favorite of what I have already enjoyed, I must change my perspectives.  I will give a comparative example first.  For anyone asking me which is my favorite child, it would depend.  Who can really answer arbitrarily?  My answer is that it depends upon the subject.  I might favor one child for his or her ability to love and care for others.  I might favor another for their ability to succeed for the good of others.  I might also favor another for their ability in sports and determination.  Therefore, it is not dependent upon a single exactitude.  It is all relative as Albert Einstein would have said.  Now let me explain it in food choices.

While watching Charles Dicken’s “Christmas Carol” on Christmas eve, I greatly favor bread pudding made according to my recipe.  It is best fresh out of the oven with a tall glass of cold milk.  However, I enjoy my recipe for fried and seasoned ham sliders while visiting with friends.  If I wish to show-off for special occasions, I enjoy the French classic coq-ah-vin.  It Is all relative according to the occasion.  In other words, the food needs to fit the occasion.  Specifically, I cannot say any one food is my favorite outside of the one I have yet to discover.

My final explanation has to do with how the food is prepared.  For this, I shall give an anecdote.  I had a special friend with whom we exchanged biblical views.  He was the pastor of the Methodist faith.  He loved split pea soup.  He reminisced over what he enjoyed from a small establishment in Chicago.  However, he exclaimed that what he sampled from pre-mixes from the grocery store was no better than eating the box in which it came.  I therefore made split pea soup for him.  He very much enjoyed it.

This is the same with me.  If I say I enjoy scrambled eggs for breakfast, this does not necessarily mean I enjoy how anyone else makes them.  I trust in my recipes and my methods.  To enjoy a favorite food necessitates it to be made well.

Until next time, peace to all.

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