Cummins gives status report on wind project

CLINTON — The county board received a lengthy briefing June 23 about the status of the Alta Farms II wind energy project.  Terry Fountain, of Cummins Engineering, covered progress of work so far, and answered questions from board members.

As part of the county’s agreement with Enel Green Energy, a third-party engineering firm was hired to monitor various aspects of Alta Farms II construction.

Fountain reported the meteorological towers were up and foundations for the Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) towers were in place.  Access roads to those towers also were in place, he said.

“The towers just haven’t been constructed yet,” Fountain said.

Fountain also has been working to coordinate documentation in relation to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for the project.

Enel was still working on signage that was part of the requirements for the special use permits.  The signs are required at each wind tower.

“Which I anticipate they will work on later this fall sometime,”  he said.

Enel will contact Fountain when the initial signs go up, “and I’ll make sure everyone is onboard with what is required.”

Fountain will inspect all tower signs once they are up.

Within 12 months, following the notice of commercial sale, Alta Farms is required to submit a post-construction noise profile study, according to county requirements.

“That’s something we’ll see if the county must review that again,” Fountain said. 

In an initial sound study, Fountain said his firm concluded the methods used for the study were sound, “and followed what we believe are industry standards.”

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