Davis understands discussion, debate and compromise in resolving issues

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I have been following the letters concerning Congressman Rodney Davis and what is perceived as his refusal to address constituents. Congressman Davis has always been open in discussing the issues effecting his Illinois Congressional District. We have in Rodney Davis, a Congressman that understands that governing is an art of discussing, debating, and compromising to get an issue resolved.

As a farmer I have been proud of the way Congressman Davis looks to organizations like the Farm Bureau and the Corn Growers to incorporate the goals of our organizations into legislation. Last week we met and discussed many issues impacting families in Illinois. Rodney brought the Washington perspective to us while intently listening to our concerns about trade, regulations, energy, and health insurance. 

We have all seen the trends in increased pricing and reductions in benefits from Obamacare. Rodney stated he had been in discussion with the medical professionals in Illinois to work out a solution. I was able to relay to him an experience that I had just had in getting a prescription filled. A 90-day prescription was going to cost $412 using my Medicare drug benefit, but I found I could pay cash and get the prescription filled for $16.34. Something is wrong here!

Congressman Davis has been a leader in working in a bi-partisan approach in getting the last Food and Agriculture Bill passed. The same in getting the last transportation bill authorized. Rodney knows how to work with both parties to get legislation passed that the State of Illinois needs. 

Rodney has always worked in smaller groups to discuss the needs of constituents. Working in a respectful manner to discuss issues. It seems that some are mad that the election did not turnout as they had planned and want to take out their frustrations in the form of a confrontational town hall meetings. I would note that, while it is hard be on the losing side of an issue, we should all try to discuss the issues in a rational manner.

Congressman Davis has surrounded himself with a dedicated staff that works hard on behalf of his constituents. Call his office and express your concerns.


Terry Ferguson

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