Exercise your right to vote!

When you do, please seriously consider who you are voting for.  I suspect that some candidates are one issue choices. I say this because it appears that they are being supported by a very vocal group within the county. 

It is never a good choice to vote for a candidate like this, regardless of political affiliation.   The county just experienced a situation in which the board was consumed by such ideologies. It didn’t turn out well. 

The other indications that the motives of these candidates could be suspect is that, since they have been on the ballot, and knew that they could possibly be a part of the board, I don’t believe that any of them have attended a board or committee meeting. It would only be logical that you would want to “get up to speed” as to what all of the current issues are the board is dealing with, how the board works, how the members interact and what the protocol is for these meetings. Some of these candidates didn’t even have the desire or dedication to take out petitions for candidacy and collect the required number of signatures to be placed on the ballot. It takes more than just one vote to represent the residents of DeWitt County.

It has been stated that the board members are not listening to their constituents, but that would be wrong. It is the responsibility of the board members to listen to all citizens of the county, not just those who are the most vocal. The votes that are cast by board members should be done with the best interest of the majority of residents considered. The unpopular votes are naturally the most difficult, but the standard stays the same. I have never been questioned nor have I ever heard any other member of the board criticized by another member for the vote they cast. Integrity is a value highly respected among board members, and neither politics nor agendas have been an issue.

The existing board has accomplished much in the two years I have have been seated.  We have had our disagreements at the committee level as well as at the full board, but we have worked together to ensure that all of the residents of DeWitt County have been represented fairly and justly. We now have an animal shelter to be proud of, addressed all building maintenance, marina, public safety, road and bridge, land use and finance issues, and the county budget increased by only .01 percent for 2018.

With all of this in mind, when you vote, I would ask you to keep this board intact so it can continue to move forward for the betterment of all the residents. Please vote for the following, who are also endorsed by Better Government for DeWitt County: Rita Sue Whitted, Cris Rogers and Mellonie Tilley in District D; Randy Perring, Terry Ferguson and Christy Pruser in District B.


Lance M. Reece

District A

County Board


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