Funds approved for various changes, upgrades to facilities

CLINTON — The sheriff’s office will return to a manually operated filing system after a recent decision by county officials.

County property chairman Scott Nimmo told county board members the sheriff’s office wanted to return to the hand-crank method of moving volumes of files.  The current, motorized system has been causing problems for office personnel.

The board approved the change at a cost of $9,560.

Nimmo also said Sheriff Mike Walker suggested upgrading the county building security camera system.

“There are spots where there is no video coverage,” Nimmo said.  “It sounds like it (the current system) is way behind.”

The board approved the upgrade at a cost of $22,500.

Additional board business

The board approved the annual intergovernmental agreement with the City of Clinton to provide services from the DeWitt County Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

Board members also approve a quote for $69,500 from WaveEater to replace the south section of the breakwater at Clinton Lake marina and an installation quote of $29.595 from G& H Marine.

And, the board approved $6,989.47 to upgrade the county building telephone system.


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