His front porch is calling

City administrator Tim Followell prepares to retire at the end of 2021

For decades, Tim Followell has served not only as the official who helps carry out the plans of the city’s governing body, the city council, he has been to Clinton residents the face of day-to-day local government.

Followell started as an employee for the cemetery in 1977 before becoming sexton of the cemetery and then moved to the city hall as administrative assistant in 1982.  Changes in personnel eventually transformed that position into city administrator.

He plans to retire from the City of Clinton after 44 years.

As the city’s administrator, Followell serves as public health and safety officer, building code inspector and the person who grants local permits, in addition to other duties. He also continues to serve as sexton of the cemetery.

“During my tenure, we, the city, have taken advantages when we might have been lean in some areas to combine responsibilities,” Followell said.

He said it might be time to begin unraveling some of that because of the difficulties in finding someone who has experience in all those areas.

Followell said combining so many responsibilities has been the result primarily of economic necessity.  The city currently is looking to hire a new city administrator.

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