It’s time DeWitt County embraces progress

I recently learned that our school district is positioned to benefit from the proposed wind farm in DeWitt County. 

Currently our school system receives very few state funds, and the millions of dollars generated by the wind farm will far surpass any projected state funding. 

I am a retired employee from the Exelon Clinton Power Station. They were wonderful employers and have been vital to the success of DeWitt County, but their future in this community is uncertain. The extent of the uncertainty was seen two years ago when our plant almost shut down and the future of our County was bleak. I also know the only thing keeping our power plant open at this time is a statewide subsidy which is only guaranteed for a handful of years. 

With this knowledge, it’s time DeWitt County embraces progress. Without progress DeWitt County has no future. If we don’t embrace progress now, we may not get the chance to do so later. And if there is no economic opportunity in DeWitt County, our schools will be the first to suffer. I know I will have a hard time looking in my grandchildren’s eyes when they are no longer able to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities. But what will be worse is when my grandchildren are in classes so large their education is hindered. When class sizes become so large due to staffing cuts because revenue is down, who will be the one to step up to make sure our children get the education they deserve?

I see that DeWitt County Residents Against Wind Turbines are against progress in DeWitt County. If they are against progress, then what do they stand for? What valid solutions do they have to solve these problems that surely await us? Without the money coming in from wind turbines, and soon the money that we will be losing from the power plant, what is the DeWitt County Residents Against Wind Turbines plan to make up for the millions of dollars our Schools will be losing? I would hate to tell my grandchild they will now be going to second-rate school because Joe Schmoe was more concerned with their own view than a child’s education. 

I will be supporting the candidates who are going to think of the future of our schools, the candidates whoare thinking of our children and grandchildren when they make decisions that will affect us all.


John Torbert


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