Local BMX riders do well at State Championship in Rockford

CLINTON — The local BMX bike club recently sent seven Clinton area riders, kids and adult riders, to state competition, held in Rockford, and took some of the key prizes.

William Winter won first place at the state meet.  Greg Rubenacker took second, and his son Jace Rubenacker finished seventh place.

Jackson Cooper, Wapella also won a first place.  Kelly Brennan and Ty Brennen placed.

The state BMX series runs from spring through September.  

“But, there’s also a national series and a district series,” said Tom Winter, father of first place finisher William.  “It goes on all year.”

Season finishes are dependent on the number of points a rider accumulates over the race season.

A rider must race in at least four of the scheduled 12 races in order to compete.  

“We attended 10, and we took seven first places and two second places for my son,” Winter said.

“There were thousands of people there,” Winter said.

“Nearly all the Clinton people went,” said Becky Winter, William’s mom.  “There’s a lot of Farmer City people too.”

The state championship encompassed a total of 78 races. 

Tom Winter said there are four Clinton riders who race at the Farmer City BMX track on a weekly basis.  

 Every Saturday, the Farmer City track hosts 10-15 races.

Photos of the state races later in the Clinton Journal.  


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