Local water rates in the middle

Report shows Clinton ranks 73 out of 113 central Illinois communities for water cost

CLINTON — A new report shows Clinton has some of the lowest water rates in east central Illinois.  The report was released during Monday’s city council meeting.

According to the study, conducted by engineering, surveying and planning firm Berns, Clancy & Associates, Clinton ranks 73 out of 113 central Illinois communities for combined monthly water and sewer charges paid by customers.  Clinton ranks 74 for monthly water charges alone.  

“This is an independent survey,” said commissioner John Wise.  “I know a lot of people think they pay some pretty stiff water bills in Clinton.”

Clinton periodically increases water rates a small percentage to cover increasing costs of supplies for the water plant, rather than institute a single large increase.

The report shows Clinton customers pay an average monthly water bill of $35.99, and a monthly average combined water and sewer bill of $50.97.

The village of DeWitt was the highest in the study with an average monthly water bill of $115.75.  DeWitt customers are not on a city sewer system.  The village had to incur major water service upgrades to meet tighter state water standards.

“We’re not at the high; we’re not at the low,” Wise said.

Based on the results of the study, Clinton does, however, rank in the lowest half for cost to water customers and on the cusp of being in the lowest one-third.

Wise said, contrary to what some residents might believe, “we’re not gouging the public.”

The efficiency of home appliances, such as washing machines and bathroom toilets can have a significant effect on water bills.  A number of residents also reported lower water bills after the city installed new meters in 2018.

See the complete report on page B7 of the Friday Clinton Journal print edition.


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