Lynn LaRue Chenoweth

LANSING, Mich. — 3/5/1938 - 6/12/2022

In her own words: Having been blessed with the opportunity to experience the complete “Symphony of Life,” Lynn sounded her final chord in June.

Lynn loved life in all its forms, devoting her life to plowing fields, planting seeds, encouraging growth, and sharing the harvest. Her childhood fantasies about life yielded to reality, but she never gave up the dream.

Lynn looked for and found the goodness and uniqueness in all mankind but grieved man’s cruelty to man; she believed the critical elements of human relationships to be love and respect for one another’s humanness and never asked for more.

The dissonance in her life mystified her but challenged her to seek new harmonies and write new songs. Lynn gave all that she had in the spring of her life to her parents, Dale and Hazel Chenoweth, and in the summer of her life to her husband and her children.

Drawing from her unique life experiences, personal growth, and love for music, Lynn shared the remaining autumn and winter of her life as a music therapist working with persons facing special challenges and enabling them to experience a higher quality of life.

Her family and the 23rd Psalm were Lynn’s lifeline as she strove to appreciate her own uniqueness as much as she did that of others. She fully embraced the belief that “If you keep a green tree in your heart, a singing bird will come.”

Lynn wishes to thank all who touched her life and gave it meaning. Life is a song to be sung in harmony. Celebrate Lynn’s life with song and dance.  

Lynn founded the nonprofit Aphasia Community Friendship Center in 2009, a first of its kind life participation center for persons with aphasia, which she directed with great passion and joy until her passing.

A unique celebration of life in April meant more to her than you can imagine. Lynn is survived by her four children Darrilyn Fraser, Camela Diaz (Frank), Deron Albright (Chris), and Cory Albright (Beth) as well as five grandchildren Frankie Diaz, Jaspar Albright, Dashiel Albright, Finn Albright, and Gemma Albright. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Lynn’s name to either of the following organizations:

Aphasia Community Friendship Center by mail to Camela Diaz, 329 Regent St., Lansing, MI 48912

Arbor Hospice, by mail to 2366 Oak Valley Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48103 or online at


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