Macon Speedway ‘Faster Pastor’ award goes to Clinton man

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 MACON — Since I grew up for a while in Macon, Ill., this past weekend, I went back for a different kind of sport.  

When in Macon, weekend activity revolved around the fastest 1/5 mile track in the known realm, and auto racing is the sport.  The noise is horrendous, but the concession stand sells ear protection now, especially for the kids.  

 The main reason for returning was not the thrill of seeing cars hurtling around a very short track but to watch some area pastors do something out of the ordinary.

For the past few years, the Macon Speedway has run a “Faster Pastor Race.”  The race is run for 6 laps using “Hornet” class vehicles.   The past two years, the race has been held in honor of Pastor B. G. Nevitt, lead pastor of Decatur’s gtChurch, who helped start the pastor race and loved anything automotive.  

Pastor Nevitt lost his earthly life in a motorcycle accident in August 2013, so the races are now held every August and are designated the “B. G. Nevitt Memorial ‘Faster Pastor’ Race.”  Quite a mouthful, but an enjoyable change to the regular racing and a chance for congregations to get out and support their pastors in a surrounding their not accustomed to.

This year, the second annual B. G. Nevitt event, there were seven pastors entered instead of the usual 6.  There were pastors from Decatur, Macon, Blue Mound, Moweaqua, and Clinton.  Yes, Clinton, Illinois.  

Pastor Ed Cain from New Life Community Church at 310 East Van Buren here in Clinton was invited to participate this year.  

In his inaugural running, Pastor Cain used his go-kart racing knowledge, a lot of courage, lots of prayer (and maybe some help from above), and a little luck to secure the poll position.  

At the drop of the green flag, Pastor Cain was off, leading the pack of hornets in a buzzing (more like roaring) frenzy.  Pastor Cain never relinquished his lead, taking the checkered flag for a lap and coming away with a trophy and the designation as the “2017 Faster Pastor” for Macon Speedway.  

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