Marina waste treatment plan under way

CLINTON — The county currently has engineers and contractors examining the situation with the waste treatment plant at Clinton Lake marina.  Marina committee chairman Randy Perring gave a report recently to the county board.

Perring and board member Randy Ferguson have met with engineering firm Chastain & Associates to plan a new waste water plant.  Contractors also were present at the meeting.

“What happens at a pre-job is contractors talks to engineers from Chastain, and they throw things back and forth how they can do things more efficiently with a new waste treatment plant,” Perring said.

Perring said there were a number of issues currently concerning a new plant that Chastain was working to solve.

“Once everybody got together, it was apparent we were having some issues.  They’ll get back to us probably in a week or two.”

The board voted to renew the county’s insurance with the Illinois County Risk Management Trust (ICRMT).

“That will cover liability and employment work comp,” said finance chairman Camille Redman.

The board also approved the real estate property tax assessment settlement with Clinton Power Station for the county and ambulance districts.  The school board also recently approved the settlement.

The board adopted the county’s non-union wage schedule, which will take effect on Dec. 1.

And, the board placed on file budget expenditures and levies for the 2018 fiscal year.

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