Maroons fall to Railsplitters despite some strong play

Marc Rogers / Journal — The Clinton Maroons take a water break during the Aug. 26 game at home.

CLINTON — The Maroons of Clinton High School (CHS) returned to the gridiron on Friday August 26. 

The opponent for the evening was the Lincoln Railsplitters, a wide-open running and passing team.  Unfortunately, the second play of the night set the tone for the entire game. 

The Railsplitters received the initial kickoff, and after a short gain on first down, broke loose for a 50-yard running touchdown (TD) with only 26 seconds gone in the first half.  After several back and forths through the field with no scoring and turnovers on downs, Lincoln took another shot at knocking out the Maroons with a 64-yard pass for a touchdown with 2 minutes left in the first quarter.

During the second quarter the Maroons held the Railsplitters to only one TD with 6 minutes left in the quarter.  The Maroons were able to grab a couple of interceptions during the quarter but could not capitalize on them.  Two interceptions thrown by the Maroons also helped hamper the home team’s efforts.

The third quarter was again like the second quarter with tussles in the middle of the field but nothing advantageous for the Maroons. 

Finally, in the waning minutes of the quarter (3:34 minutes left), Lincoln struck for the last time, taking a 28-0 lead, which turned out to be final score.  There was no scoring in the fourth quarter. 

One of the officials observed that the Maroons were great between the 35-yard lines but collapsed from there to the goal lines.  Statistically the Maroons had 260 total yards (109 passing, 151 running).  The team converted 4-12 3rd downs, had three turnovers and three interceptions.  The Maroons had no fumbles. 

The Maroons’ big gains were a 17-, a 19- and a 36-yard pass, and a 39-yard run.

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