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Marc Rogers / Journal — Top photo: A swing and a miss by the Redskins batter Bottom photo: Scoring runs in the "B" game fourth inning to tie the game

     CLINTON — The CJHS baseball team took on the Redskins of Sullivan this week in a resumption of a rain delay from last week.
The first game began in the bottom of the third inning with the Maroons at bat.  The home team wasted no time in breaking the game wide open with 4 runs in the third. 
Then, in the fourth inning, the Redskins scored a run and had the bases loaded, but couldn't score any further runs.  However, the Maroons answered the Sullivan run with four more of their own. 
The fifth inning saw the Maroons add 2 runs to pad their lead.  In the sixth inning the Redskins loaded the bases again in an effort to fight their way back into the game.  Again, though, the runners were stranded on base. 
To end the game on a high note, the Maroons scored a final run in the bottom of the sixth to win 11-1 on the 10-run rule.
     Next on the agenda was the "B" team outing.  The opposing Redskins scored two runs in the first inning and, after a calm second inning by both teams, Sullivan scored two more runs in the top of the fourth. 
The hometown Maroons had then had enough and scored 4 runs of their own in the bottom of the inning and had the bases loaded for more but were not able to move them in for more scores. 
The Redskins were able to put a runner in scoring position in the fifth and final inning, but stranded him on second.  The Maroons then were in position to win the game and capitalized on the opportunity. 
With one out, the opposition walked the second batter.  After another out moved the runner into scoring position, the Maroons managed a hit to drive in the winning run.  Clinton took the 5-4 win.  #Maroon Strong # Maroon Pride
                        1     2     3     4     5     6     7     FINALS
Maroons A         0     0     4     4     2     2     X         10
Redskins A        0     0     0      1     0     0     0          1
Maroons B        0     0     4      1     X     X     X          5
Redskins B       2     0     0      2     0     X     X           4


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