New assessment districts set to start in 2026

CLINTON — The county recently approved the township and multi-township districts that will begin for the election year 2025.  The periodic establishment of the districts is required by the Illinois Department of Revenue.  They affect only property assessment and will be in place for 10 years.

“Every 10 years following a census, there has to be a new multi-township district formed if the multi-township district falls below 1,000 population,” said county supervisor of assessments Sandy Schlosser. 

Schlosser said it had not been necessary in DeWitt County since the 1990s.

“Creek and Nixon (townships) squeaked by the past 10 years,” she said.  “I had to write a letter to the department of revenue because they fell to 998.  The department of revenue allowed them to stay a district.”

For the district beginning in 2026.  Creek and Nixon will be merged with a larger district that includes Wilson, Rutledge, Harp and DeWitt townships. 

“The county board has the final say, and when it’s done, I’ll send it over to the department of revenue,” Schlosser said.

She emphasized multi-township districts were only for assessing purposes.

Proposed districts Population

Wilson 122

Rutledge 136

Harp 310

DeWitt 428

Creek 479

Nixon 492

Total Population 1,967

Barnett 396

Waynesville 640

Wapella 905

Total Population 1,941

Texas 1,266

Tunbridge 751

Total Population 2,017

Clintonia 7,315

Santa Anna 2,276


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