Plan set to solve local festival trash problem

CLINTON — In what turned out to be an amenable meeting between the city council and residents, on Monday the council announced a plan that could solve the trash problem along N. Center Street during the annual Apple n’ Pork Festival.

A council chamber full of neighborhood residents turned out to listen and possibly offer suggestions for what might fix a problem the council has addressed over the past month.  Food and other vendors along N. Center Street often fill the trash dumpsters available even before the festival begins on the usual Saturday morning.  Those dumpsters, provided by Area Disposal and paid for by the city, were intended primarily for visitors attending the festival, not for the vendors.

Commissioner Nan Crang said in earlier meetings that she felt trash generated by vendors was an issue between the vendors and the homeowners and that the city shouldn’t be responsible for the cost of removing vendor trash.  Other council member agreed.

On Monday, Crang said the city planned this year to provide a number of standard trash receptacles for use by festival visitors at no cost to homeowners.  City administrator Tim Followell estimated it would take about 24 such receptacles to handle visitor trash.  At the end of the day on Saturday of the festival, the receptacles would be emptied so they would be ready for the following Sunday.  This plan would replace the usual dumpsters.

Residents at Monday’s meeting agreed it was a good plan, and those who charge vendors for space said they had no problem asking those vendors to take their trash with them when the festival was over.  Some said the vendors they were used to working with generally already took their trash with them.  One homeowner said that what would not fit in his own trash can, the vendor would have to take anyway.

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