Possible animal shelter resolution

Dedicated hours for pet adoption examined

CLINTON — The county might have arrived at a solution that will enable Second Chance for Pets to use the animal shelter to adopt out pets.

“Second Chance had suggested that maybe we could open on Saturday mornings,” said Lance Reece, public safety committee chairman.

Reece said there were some conflicts with Saturday, “but, what we’re looking at is making one day a week a long day.”  

The long day possibly would be set up to accommodate only pet adoptions from 6-8 a.m. and then from 4:30-6:30 p.m.  Those are tentative times.

“I talked to Second Chance, and they seemed to be alright with that,” Reece said.  “If they’re fine with that, then we don’t need an agreement with them.”

The adoption hours would be only for DeWitt County animals housed at the shelter.

In March, comments made on a Facebook page resulted in Reece explaining that Second Chance was not locked out of the shelter, as was claimed.

In related business, Second Chance gave the county a check for approximately $5,300 to use toward the cost of repaving the parking area in front of the county shelter.

Minimum wage mandate

The county will begin phasing in the increased minimum wage level for county employees.  A new state minimum wage law requires the state’s minimum wage to reach $15 an hour by 2025.

Finance chairman Camille Redman said the county could increase its minimum wage to $15 immediately but will phase in the increase instead.

Redman said the county did not want to create an undue burden on county office-holders, who must manage the budgets of their departments.

“We are going to gradually work it in,” Redman said.  “We will work it into the budget when we do the salaries.”

Additional board business

The board voted to approve the rezoning of approximately 1.78 acres, located at 700 E. Clinton Avenue, in Farmer City.

“This area is adjacent to the new Casey’s store in Farmer City,” said land use committee chairman Terry Ferguson.  “It’s in the flood plain …they’ll be filling that and are going to construct a brand-new Dollar General store.”


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