Protect your privacy, change your Facebook settings

Facebook “hacking” is a countywide concern. Rarely a week goes by that I don’t see someone I know who has been hacked or “cloned” on Facebook. Many of these intrusions originate from Nigeria and other nations.

Arguably, this is neither a law enforcement problem nor a public safety responsibility, but it is a more serious threat than it might seem at first glance. We do, after all, host a nuclear power plant in our county.

Consider the impact if a bunch of fake profiles impersonating local people were to spread misinformation during some future event, real or imagined, surrounding our nuclear plant, our schools or some other event.

It is important to review your Facebook privacy settings and change “Who Can See Your Friends List” from “Public” to “Only You.”

  Most users should also review and change: who can “follow” them, “tag” them, or post anything on their page. Allowing anyone from anywhere around the world to see your friends list, “follow” you, or like or comment on your activity on Facebook is why so many people are being stalked and hacked.

Most users chose the default privacy settings suggested by Facebook when they set up their account years ago. Those are the most lax settings available, and should be reviewed and changed.

Help stop the spread of Facebook hacking. Protect yourself. Help your friends. Review your Facebook privacy settings.

Those of you who do not know if your friends’ lists are public or are not public, please review your privacy settings. If you need help, please ask.

Stop letting the entire world see your friends list.

Bradley Barnes