Quilt show highlights museum’s collection

Gordon Woods / Journal — One of the quilts on display chronicles the genealogy of a Logan County family.

Oldest item on display at least 180 years

CLINTON — The annual quilt show at the C.H. Moore Homestead & DeWitt County Museum continues through July.  Museum director Joey Long has her favorites, and she recently gave the Clinton Journal a survey of those quilts.

“This one is one of my favorites, Long said about a quilt on display in the C.H Moore mansion library.

“It dates back to the 1860s,” she said.  “It was made by a lady for an orphan boy, and the lady had use of only one arm.  That’s pretty amazing.”

The quilt appears almost contemporary, as though it could have been made by someone today.  Long said that’s what makes it art.

“That is art,” Long said.  “And, usually, when you see this pattern, these, are not so small,” she said, pointing out a particularly tiny and detailed part of the quilt.

 All of the quilts on display this year are from museum’s collection.

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