September Clinton sales tax revenue a little better

CLINTON — “Not as bad as August,” was how commissioner Tom Edmunds described September sales tax revenue as he reported Monday to the city council.

“We did decline $2,830,” Edmunds said.

Edmunds said the city remained ahead, however, year-to-date.

Regular sales tax collected by the city in August dropped from August 2017 numbers by $9,946.  Non-home rule sales tax was down $3,088.  The result was a total drop from the previous year of $13,034.

Sales tax revenue was up about $2,000 in July, but that was mostly due to the Walmart closure.  Edmunds said in November the city would know the revenue results post-Walmart closure once the August totals were known.

“Of course, Walmart had big sales, a pretty good percentage off getting rid of their inventory,” Edmunds said during the November council meeting.  “Both types of our sales tax actually had an increase of slightly less than $2,000.”

Walmart announced in June that its Clinton store would close at the end of July after more than 30 years in business.  The move was part of Walmart’s elimination of its smallest stores around the country.

Several former Clinton Walmart associates were able to transfer to the Decatur store as well as other Walmart stores.


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