Some hiccups in county building mechanical projects

Outgoing board members thanked, reorganization Dec. 3

Gordon Woods

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CLINTON — As the county completes installation of its new air conditioning system, property committee chairman Terry Ferguson reported during the recent county board meeting an electrical problem with the project to replace the jail control system.

“They discovered that there’s some melted wiring inside of a conduit,” Ferguson said.  “It was probably over-stuffed with wiring because the building specs called for an inch and a half conduit.”

The conduit in question was ¾ inch.

He said some insulation might have been “skinned” off of a wire that could have caused a short.

He also reported problems with a pair of compressors that control the building’s air handling system.  As a problem with an old compressor was discovered, a compressor recently installed locked up.

“They’re trying to find a makeshift method for controlling the system until we get two new compressors,” Ferguson said.  “We declared them both emergencies, and they’re being repaired.”

Some work was recently required to the service dock at Clinton Lake marina, reported marina committee chairman Randy Perring.  Air lines came loose from the dock’s manifold.

The job required divers to reconnect the lines, which are used to keep the ballasts aired.

“Hopefully, now, when the wind gets blowing hard out there …the air dock will keep aired up and afloat,” Perring said.

Board chairman David Newberg thanked outgoing board members Randy Perring, Sue Whitted and Cris Rogers.

“Mr. Perring, Mrs. Whitted, Mrs, Rogers; it’s been my pleasure,” Newberg said.  “This county is better because of you, and we’re going to get better because we’ve got great people coming on also.”

The three members lost their bids for reelection to candidates supported by the anti-wind energy coalition.

The board will meet on December 3 at 5 p.m. for the post-election reorganization, which will include nominations and elections for board president and vice president and the swearing in of new members.


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