Thank you Clinton Journal for supporting AMVETS

It means so much and is an honor to be able to say “thank you” to the Clinton Journal for your demonstration of patriotism.  Your support with the subscription partnership is a true blessing to our Post.

As you heard at our recent Illinois AMVETS Convention, our organization is about “Veterans Helping Veterans.”  With the help of the Clinton Journal, AMVETS Post 14 is able get the work we do supporting veterans and our community out to the public.  Consequently, the Clinton Journal is one of the reasons our Post can help veterans and fulfill the AMVETS mission statement.

Please feel assured that the Clinton Post 14 members believe it is their responsibility to use donations in good faith toward our mission.  The members of Post 14 are working on making another trip to the Danville VA Hospital.  Once there, we will provide money to help with the travel fund, so hospital patients’ family members can have the financial resources to visit their hospitalized veterans.  Some money will also be designated to go towards the commissary fund, which allows the hospitalized veterans to buy needed hygiene goods and to get haircuts.  We also use contributions like yours to help local veterans.  Recently, we have had several opportunities to help some local veterans financially.

May the Lord’s grace and the city of Clinton continue to support the Clinton Journal, the area’s only source of written communications and publication.  A newspaper showing support for our AMVETS mission, while also promoting what it means to be a United State citizen, is one of the reasons our Post and its veteran members are able to continue to serve our country.

Gordon and the Clinton Journal staff, you make AMVETS Post 14 proud, and we want to say once again, thank you very much.

Marc Rogers,

Commander, AMVETS Post 14



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