Thank you to all who have been there for me

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big “thank you” to all the fire departments and firefighters who put out the fires at my two properties in Clinton on Sept. 5.  Thank you to the police and Red Cross personnel who assisted the firefighters and me during this difficult time.  Also, thank you to the Ameren IP worker who came out in the middle of the night to disconnect the power at 924.  My father worked for Illinois Power for 20 years, and my grandfather for 38 years.  I remember all the times my father was called out in the middle of the night, too.

I am the daughter of a decorated and Purple Heart recipient of WWII.  I am also the widow of a disabled Vietnam veteran.  My daughter-in-law was in the National Guard, in Iraq, and my daughter is in the DAR.  My family has always been a military family.  Therefore, I would, especially, like to thank the fire chief, Jeff Hoke, for saving and retrieving my father’s burial flag, medals and other WWII memorabilia, which included my father’s citation and the love letters he sent to my mother, while he was fighting in the Pacific.

The outpouring of love and concern I have received from family, friends, neighbors and my church family has been overwhelming.  I feel like the character played by Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” finding out how many family and friends you have in a time of need.  God has richly blessed me.  I pray for God’s blessings on all of those who have been there for me, as well.

Thank you again.


Doris (Rie) Burkett



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