Thanks Dr. Guard and Warner Hospital staff

On Oct. 2, I was in Clinton to meet some old friends I had not seen for several years due to my illness.  Good times and solid friends make a great combination. However, by Monday evening I had intense gut pain and had to go to the ER.  Coming from the Chicago area I just didn’t know what to expect from a small town hospital.  It concerned me.

Upon arrival at Warner Hospital, I was cordially greeted and directed to an ER examining room, where a really kind and nice nurse, Dina greeted me. I got registered, and in came the doctor, Greg Guard. He introduced himself by his first name and didn’t ask me to kiss his ring. In Chicago many younger doctors are like that, but some of the older chaps can be quite aloof.  

Having had this malady before, I knew the treatment routine, and they took care of me like I was Donald Trump, without the security detail. of course. My x-rays went to Springfield for reading, blood tests were run and Greg examined me and the meds went into the IV.  

The crew was thorough, considerate of my intense pain at levels 8 and 9, and they kept checking on me. Dina gave me an anti-nausea drug first and the narcotic in several doses instead of one time to make sure I could handle it. I’d never make it as a drug addict as narcotics make me sick. 

In no time the drug worked and I was pain free. Be assured that Warner Hospital treated me as good or better than Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, except it came with a smile and compassion. And my best buddy was at my side. Additionally, I later had the inordinate honor of having lunch with a WWII Marine rifleman and his wife.  As a former Marine sergeant my heart was bursting with pride to be in the company of this American hero.

I found the spirit of America in Clinton. The people were so friendly at Walgreen’s, Walmart, Subway, Monica’s Pizza and Ted’s Garage.  Dick Douglas and his son Nathan at the Sunset Inn were better than anything I’ve experienced in New York. 

I’m all about please and thank you, and in Chicago, I thought the words had been removed from the English language, but not in Clinton.  

I want to say a special thanks to Dr. Guard and the hospital staff and to the citizens of Clinton for being just who they are every day. God bless all of you and our bastion of freedom, America the beautiful.

 All the best,

Buzz Alpert


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