Thanks to Clinton IGA and residents for supporting our ICRR Retirees cookout

The members of the Illinois Central Railroad Retirees Society wish to thank Clinton’s IGA management and staff for allowing us to offer ribeye and/or pork chop sandwiches, chips and drinks on October 18.

Thank you to those who patronized our booth and made it a success.

The Illinois Central Retirees meet once a month, swapping stories and remembering those who have gone before us.

The Illinois Central Railroad came to Clinton in 1853.  It’s first line was from New Orleans, La. To Galina, Ill.  Services offered were freight and passenger.

As the IC grew, Clinton grew and was a crew-change point and a Division Headquarters, plus, for that time, a state-of-the-art depot on Washington Street.  The roundhouse on E. Johnson Street, including a 3,000-rail car north yard and east yard, blew a whistle that always was the right time.

The Illinois Central was the largest employer here for many years, the glory days of the railroad, lessened with the gradual elimination of steam engines, giving way to diesel power.

The famed “Green Diamond” was one of the first diesel-powered engines.

At our booth, many people stopped to chat, ask questions about railroading and some of its earlier members.  We had a roster of IC engineers dating from 1898-1950.  Good conversation led to buyers!

It was a good two days for all.  Thank you for caring.


Ron Devore, 

Ron Lord, 

Darwin Thompson, O.B. Perry, 

Tim McGlaughlin, and John Randell

* Anyone who worked for the Illinois Central Railroad is welcome to join us.


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