'Those Who Excel' recognized by school board

Katy O’Grady-Pyne / Journal — Recognized at Monday’s night school board meeting were (left to right): Abbey Youngberg, Jessica Hubrich and Tonya Woods. The trio, along with Theresa Buggar (not pictured), represented the Clinton school district and were recently honored at a state awards banquet for Those Who Excel. Youngberg is a special education teacher at CES, Hubrich is a special education teacher at CJHS, Woods is a volunteer at CES, and Buggar is an aide at CES.

Unit 15 Superintendent Nettles recommends against e-learning days

CLINTON — At a special meeting for the Clinton School Board of Education on Monday night, Superintendent Curt Nettles recommended the board not approve e-learning days to replace emergency days typically used on bad weather days.  

Many districts within the state are opting to give students work to do at home on these days so the dates don’t have to be made up at the end of the school year. 

“I personally struggle with that being a great idea,” said Nettles.  

The topic was discussed recently at a district leadership meeting, said Nettles, and the concerns focused on staffing issues.  

“I feel like we were spending so much time talking about how it affects staff and that should not be our focus,” said Nettles. “How does it affect kids? That should be the bottom line.” 

“I don’t want to trade a day at home with a student working on a packet of information or doing something on their digital device in exchange for attentive instruction from a teacher,” he continued. 

“For all these reasons, I’m not recommending we go forward with a plan on e-learning days. I just don’t think it’s appropriate or fair for our student body.” 

Nettles said the board could vote to implement the program at Clinton schools and he would do it, but his recommendation was against it. 

Board president Dan Matthews agreed with Nettles saying too many students would be left out.  

“To me it’s just a waste of taxpayer money,” said board member Chris Hammer. 

Board secretary Sondra Baker added, “It all sounds good, but it doesn’t work.” 

Those Who Excel Award 

winners recognized 

Two teachers, an aide and a volunteer from the district were nominated and recently recognized by the state in its Those Who Excel awards ceremony. 

Abbey Youngberg, a special education teacher at Clinton Elementary; Jessica Hubrich, a special education teacher at Clinton Junior High; and Tonya Woods, a volunteer at CES, were introduced to the board. Theresa Buggar, an aide at CES, was also recognized at the ceremony but was unable to attend the board meeting.


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