Time to be laser-focused on public education

Your child’s education matters. It matters a lot. Children will spend the majority of their formative years in school, learning and socializing. The years-long experience will shape them into who they will become. Knowing this, it is no small task for parents and all adults to place this enormous responsibility in the most capable of hands.

That is not what is happening in Illinois. The state’s public school system is failing miserably to prepare its students for the future, and in our own backyard only 9 percent of Decatur’s public school 3rd graders can read at grade level.

Similar results can be found across the state, and no one seems to be taking responsibility. Decatur school officials and the Illinois State Board of Education are especially adept at pushing ‘feel-good’ numbers on parents while simultaneously promoting children to the next grade level, regardless of ability. An extensive report by Wirepoints.org, ‘Poor Student Achievement and Near-Zero Accountability’, lays it all out.

Adding insult to injury, while being woefully derelict in their duty to teach students the most basic of elementary skills, schools are aggressively promoting a sexual agenda. With the Illinois legislature’s recent passage of Senate Bill 818, considerable course material and instruction has been added to the state’s curriculum.

The sexual education program mandated in SB 818 was developed by a private group, SEICUS (Sex Ed for Social Change) without any input from parents or the public.  According to its website, they believe that sex education has the power to spark large-scale social change. Is this a priority for Illinois parents? Is this what taxpayer dollars should be funding?

It’s time to be laser-focused on what is going on in our children’s classrooms and at our school board meetings. The children of Illinois are counting on us.


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