To the residents of DeWitt County

It is hard to believe Election Day is upon us.  November 6 is right around the corner.  We come to you as different people with different backgrounds and, sometimes, different views.  But, out common thread is that we are united in our vision for the future of DeWitt County.

We love this county.  It is where we have spent our lives giving back to our communities, raising our families and trying to make it the best is can be for generations to come.

Our bipartisan board has a lengthy list of accomplishments in the past four years.  We have balanced the budget and done so while bringing our expenses in line with consistently diminishing revenues.  Some fo the board’s accomplishments include:

• Working with state officials and Exelon to pass the Future Energy Jobs Act.  This bill kept the Clinton Power Station open and ensured the continued employment of 750 people.

• We have gone from subpar to much needed state-of-the-art animal shelter facilities.  Soon, the University of Illinois will train students of its veterinary medicine program at the new DeWitt County animal shelter.

• This board developed the DeWitt County East Annex, which houses the DeWitt County ambulance service, located next to the animal shelter.  It is a benefit for all residents of DeWitt County to have these centralized emergency medical services.

• Marina upgrades have been made, including drafting and signing a new lease agreement for the marina, complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, a new septic system and other projects in the works.

• Due to the aging of the county building, we have been modernizing the lighting, air conditioning, roofing and parking lot of the courthouse and jail facilities.

• We reached an agreement with Clinton Landfill to keep toxic PCBs out, while at the same time recovering over $1 million in tipping fees.

• Four years of balanced budgets with the cooperation of elected officials and department heads.

The future of this county is always our number one concern.

We believe that what unites us as residents is far stronger than the issues that divide us.  As a county, we continue to face challenges.  As a board, we have been transparent, while supporting sound fiscal policies and promoted growth and prosperity, here in DeWitt County.

We understand that during some of our most partisan times, as a nation, what we are asking is unconventional, to go beyond party lines and reelect those who have delivered results as board members.

We ask that you please reelect these candidates so we may continue to make a Better Government for DeWitt County:

District B

Randy Perring

Christy Pruser

Terry Ferguson

District D

Rita Sue Whitted

Cris Rogers

Melonie Tilley


David Newberg, Republican

Chairman, DeWitt County Board, District C


Camille Redman, Democrat

Vice chairman, DeWitt County Board, District A

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