Tree gets in the way of businesses

Gordon Woods

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CLINTON — The owners of two businesses located on the square have approached the city about a tree that is interfering with the visibility of their signs.  One of the owners addressed the city council on Tuesday.

Attorney Stephanie Scoles, whose law office is located on the southeast corner of Mr. Lincoln’s Square, explained her situation to commissioners.  She said a tree planted by the city many years ago as part of a beautification project blocks the sign on her office from view.  Camill Tedrick, manager of the adjacent Re/Max Realty office, has a similar complaint, Scoles said.  Tedrick was unable to attend Tuesday’s meeting.

“The tree in front of our two offices affects our businesses for several reasons,” Scoles said. 

Scoles said the tree blocks the sign to her office and also blocks the Re/Max sign, which is located at the third floor level of the realty building.  She said drivers entering from the south or west of the square are unable to see the signs.

“I’ve had multiple clients come in and apologize because they’ve driven right past my office,” Scoles said.

Scoles said her office is not difficult to see, “but, the tree hangs over.”

She said the tree also attracts hundreds of birds, and their droppings have become a serious problem.  Scoles added that there was no question it was a beautiful, full, tree, but it had grown too large for its location.

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