Biden in a bind


Regardless of political affiliation, all Presidents appear to age rapidly once in office. Look at pictures of Biden from when he took office until today. Go back to George Bush and see hm when he was sworn in and then after he was told of the Trade Center attacks while he was reading a book to a class of kindergarten children.

The responsibility of the offices seems to increase the aging process of all Presidents. There are four hot spots in the world today that severely impact a President’s decision making on national security. 1. The Middle East (Israel/Iran); 2. Taiwan; 3. Ukraine/Russia; 4. Our southern border. Some may wish to add North Korea to this list. These national security concerns simply take a President’s time and energy. For good or bad the United States has become the de facto policeman of the world.

Policing is not a simple job, because the human entity is not simple. The officer’s job is to keep the peace. Does he do that by pure enforcement or does he do that by being a good old boy? I suggest the good police officer has adopted a dual approach. He is your friend until the rules are broken and then he has to enforce the law. Even then he always seeks to maintain the peace. The good officer know when to give a word of encouragement and when to apply the handcuffs. On a world political scale the terms may well be appeasement and military force. All to often nations go to extremes and use one or the other and forget that a balanced approach will probably work far better.

The classic example of appeasement failure was British Prime Minister Chamberlain in WWII  when he sought peace by appeasement. It failed and Winston Churchill came on the British scene to use force and save the nation. We saw the Soviet Union use excessive force to gain control of Afghanistan. It failed and Russia left the theater with its tail between its legs. Some may say the United States had the same fate in Afghanistan.

We are watching  President Biden emulate Chamberlain. Biden wants to be a friend to all while failing to recognize that not all of the world wants to be our friend. Religion based conflicts seem to have no end. The conflicts in the Middle East go back centuries and no one has yet figured out how to make peace. There have been periods of less tension, but there is no trust between the nations of the Middle East. Biden has sought to appease all in the Middle East and has been rebuffed by all. Iran got some serious money back that the U. S. had seized and now that money buys arms to kill Americans and Israelis.

Biden sought to appease the progressives in his own party and literally opened the southern border to all who want in. We are rapidly diluting our sovereignty and bankrupting the nation.

I can empathize with Biden in his reluctance to use force. Any time a nation uses force on another nation the chances of a greater conflict are always present. At the same time, failure to forcefully respond to attacks (the news accounts now state there have been 165 attacks on American personnel or property since the start of the Israel/Hamas conflict) only invites more attacks on our interests. Biden would be well served to look at President Teddy Roosevelt whose motto was “speak softly and carry a big stick”

Excessive appeasement has put President Biden and this nation in a national security bind.