Consider leadership when voting for county board


I believe we must consider leadership in the DeWitt County Board election this year.

As a former member of the county board, I have worked alongside the incumbents who are running for reelection, and I would like to outline my experiences while doing so. 

During my time on the county board, everyone worked in unison to make sure that we were doing what was right for the county’s residents. We always presented a balanced budget, took care of county infrastructure, and gave the employees the tools they needed to perform their jobs with the most efficiency.

All board members respected one another and understood that “we were all in this together.”   This is a result of leadership provided by David Newberg as chairman and Camille Redman as vice chairman. 

Because of their vision for a better government, the board worked its way out of a financial hole and still took care of the demands of the county’s needs. This was done without raising taxes!  The attitude of the board starts with its leaders.

Scott Nimmo, Jay Wickenhauser, and Lance Reece worked shoulder to shoulder with the other board members to resolve all issues presented.  Although not in leadership roles at that time, they participated in discussions and presented ideas to help reach a working solution. 

It takes leadership to operate a governmental body, and these candidates have proven their ability to do just that!

Please vote for proven leaders:

Dave Newberg, Scott Nimmo, and Jay Wickenhauser in District C

Lance Reece and Camille Redman in District A


Randy Perring

Farmer City