Government working

Richard Koritz
Posted 10/13/21

Government working

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Government working


Sometimes we simply complain too much about the shortcomings of government and our elected officials. In theory, government is supposed to make our lives better, especially in the area of infrastructure.

When we observe marked improvements to our area’s infrastructure, we need to acknowledge those improvements and the benefits that tax dollars do provide. This past week, I was in Springfield, Lincoln, Champaign and dear old Clinton. Tax dollars were being spent, and the public was getting a decided benefit.

If you drove on Route 10, 48 or 54 earlier this year, you probably voiced some serious objections to the quality of the road surfaces. The only people enjoying the bumpy roads were those who sold shock absorbers and front-end alignments. The roads were horrible.

In a few short months that has all changed. Route 10 was resurfaced from Clinton to the Logan County line. Route 54 was resurfaced from Clinton to the Logan County line. Route 48 was resurfaced from  Route 54 to the Macon County line.

I cannot believe how much improved the driving experience is. The State of Illinois even replaced the bridge deck on Route 54 near where I live. I don’t like paying those gasoline taxes, but then I see that smooth road and the pain is greatly reduced.

Those are tax dollars at work for all of us that travel the highways or buy something at the store that was trucked in. As citizen taxpayers we need to acknowledge when government is working. Those road improvements are working for us, and they didn’t even ask if we were Republicans or Democrats. Government was working for all of us and we need to acknowledge that.

On the local stage, take a look at the county, township and city roads and streets. Compared to the rest of the state we are in very good shape. We have very competent and skilled law enforcement that is always available to assist the public.

Our emergency ambulance and fire services are exceptional for a rural population. Our local officials have done an outstanding job of providing for the citizens of DeWitt County and the local communities. We often complain, when we really need to simply say thank you more often. Our local officials do a good job.

Add to this the Friendship Center. For years there has been a parking problem for its patrons. Remember many of their clients have mobility problems. Walking a block down the street is a serious effort.

When I was on the board at the center, we were never able to get a parking lot accomplished. That this board and its director have accomplished that is to be commended. Hopefully more seniors will now use the facility when the lot is completed this month.

Thanksgiving is coming next month. Perhaps we need to be more thankful more often. Our community while not perfect. is working for us.

For that we should be thankful. Enjoy that smooth road or your visit to the Friendship Center.