Lady Maroons’ teams shoot down Bombers on Senior Night


CLINTON — A few days ago, the Lady Maroon volleyball teams entered Vance Gymnasium in a match up with the Argenta-Oreana Lady Bombers in three matches - Freshmen, Junior Varsity (JV), and Varsity.  The season has been rough for the Lady Maroons and winning all three matches has not happened often for the ladies.  

But, this was a special night, in that it was senior night, and every one was aiming to make it a night to remember for seniors Tori Burke, Jaydlynn Rich, Destiny Schlesinger, and Delaney Woodbury.  And a night it was, including TV coverage.

The freshman teams led off the night with the home team mounting several runs while containing the opposition to one or two points at a time.  The Lady Maroons took the initial set 25-16.  The second set went even better for the home team as they held the Lady Bombers to single points except for one 2 point sizzle.  With a 25-11 second set win, the Lady Maroon freshman team took their match 2-0 for the win.

Next on the home court was the JV team, which, like the varsity, has been up and down.  This night they went on a couple of early point runs and then played strong defense when the points slowed down.  The first set went well as the Lady Maroons won 25-14.  Surprisingly, the second set was almost a repeat of the first with only a slight change in the scoring runs, but the result was the same, 25-14.  The JV won their match 2-0.

 Finally came the big match of the night with the seniors playing their final home match of their high school careers.  

In the first set, the varsity seemed strong and determined  to win on senior night.  This attitude worked well for the team as they were able to take the first set 25-16.  

As in the past, the varsity began to doubt the outcome and faultered for a time.  After two timely timeouts, the Lady Maroons came back to life and made a run for the second set win but fell short losing 25-23. 

 This set a third go-around for the teams and the Lady Maroons arrived on fire.  They allowed the Lady Bombers one 4-point run while going on 9-point and 6-point runs themselves to take down the opposition 25-13 for the 2-1 match win.