Local student at Mizzou counted as Missouri virus case


COLUMBIA, Mo. — A student from DeWitt County attending the University of Missouri will be counted as a Missouri coronavirus case, according to health officials.

The student, 20, is reportedly in isolation in Missouri.

There are no confirmed cases of the virus in DeWitt County.  

The Illinois Department of Public Health reports there currently are 4,596 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Illinois out of 27,762 residents tested.

Columbia, Mo., home of the University of Missouri, is the county seat of Boone County, which currently reports 59 confirmed cases of COVID-19.  Boone County has a population of about 178,000.  In comparison, Kansas City, Mo. is reporting 100 confirmed cases of the virus in a city of 481,000.

Mizzou News, the newspaper of the university's journalism school, reported Mar. 27 that two MU police officers tested positive for coronavirus. No detailed information was available about the numbers of students who might have tested positive.