Maroons defeat Bulldogs in conference game


DECATUR — In a conference battle Tuesday evening, the Clinton Maroons escaped the confines of Decatur St. Teresa with a win.  

This was another closely fought battle for the Maroons who started slowly and allowed a 9-0 run by the Bulldogs in the first quarter.  After a “redirection” by coach Haurberg during an early timeout, the Maroons came back with a higher intensity and clawed their way back into the game and continued their fervor to the end of the game.  

The team was able to penetrate the lane better than in the past, and this led to more open shots from the perimeter (a total of nine 3-point baskets made).  

The team also improved in rebounding, especially defensively, limiting the opposition in getting second chance shots. Final score, Clinton 58-St. Teresa 54. 

Matthew Overton and Zeke Hickman led the Maroons with 15 points each and were consistent throughout the entire game.  Ben Nelson was also in double figures scoring his 10 points mostly in the final quarter on free throws and well timed baskets while also blocking shots and pulling down crucial rebounds.  Jake Torbert also provided defensive support and added energy coming off the bench.  

“Just a great effort all the way around in an important conference game for us,” said coach Haurberg.

The Maroons are now 7-12 on the season and 1-2 in conference play.  Unfortunately, the Maroons’ JV team lost 44-31 to the Bulldogs JV team.