Maroons golfers win first of just two scheduled home matches


CLINTON — Over the past week, there were several sports covered from the Maroons nation.  

First up were a couple of ball games from the junior high ranks.  The Maroons and Lady Maroons faced tough opponents on the last day of August.  The Lady Maroons softball team faced the Lincoln Lady Trojans, who came in with bats swinging and gloves at the ready.  

The Lady Maroons were only able to get a couple of hits during the game and were unable to plate any runs.  Lincoln, however, scored one run in each of the first three innings, 4 runs in the fourth inning, and then adding insult to injury, the Lady Trojans scored 8 runs in the seventh inning for a 15-0 win over the hometown Lady Maroons.  

Also during the week the Lady Maroons faced the Meridian Lady Hawks in a battle to the end.  The Lady Maroons took the early lead on 5 runs in third inning and two more runs in the fifth.  Meridian then swooped in with 9 runs in the top of the sixth to steal the lead.  The Lady Maroons refused to go down without a tussle and came back in the bottom of the inning with 2 runs to tie the game.  However, at the end of a hard fought game and seventh inning, the Lady Hawks grasped the win in their talons 10-9.

During the same time frame, the junior high Maroons baseball team took on the Braves of Mt. Zion.  The Braves have a very strong sports program and the junior high baseball team is no different.  

The Braves played good defense, holding the Maroons to only 3 runs in the game.  The Braves offense, though, was firing on all cylinders as they were able to shake out 14 runs with their hitting and running skills .