PCR test now required for students returning to school from illness


CLINTON — The Illinois Department of Public Health has released new guidelines about the requirements for students to return to school after an illness.

The school district is no longer able to accept a rapid antigen test to prove a student’s negative COVID-19 result. The only negative test result we can accept to allow your student back to school is a PCR test.

Local providers have been contacted and are aware of this change, but please make sure your student has a PCR test if your physician recommends COVID-19 testing. This change will begin on Monday 10/19/20.

Please also remember to keep all students home when one student in the family has any signs or symptoms of an illness.

Thank you for your continued support in keeping all of our students healthy this school year.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to one of the district’s nurses or a building principal.