SkillsUSA Week Feb. 5-9 at Clinton High School


CLINTON — SkillsUSA Week will be from February 5-9. 

Monday will be Recognition Day, when members, advisors, administrators, partners and other supporters will be recognized and honored.

Tuesday will be Give-Back Day, when students rally around their school community by focusing on ways to give back using their career-ready skills.

Wednesday will be Partner Day, when local business and industry leaders are invited to connect with members, while highlighting the importance of career-ready skills found in the SkillsUSA framework.

Thursday will be Advocacy Day, amplifying the skilled trades in communities through local public relations activities.

Friday will wrap up the week with the celebratory SkillsUSA Day, when students are asked to wear SkillsUSA clothing in their schools, post about SkillsUSA on social media and hold special recognition activities.